Ice Cream Stick exhibitor

Ice Cream Stick exhibitor

Pans and grids for display of ice on a stick and ice lolly

To expose in your showcase of ice cream in an orderly and hygienic icicles , cremini , ice cream on a stick, ice lolly, or other products.

The transparent polycarbonate trays are equipped with removable dividers and their size is standard.

The grids made ​​of AISI 304 stainless steel trays are inserted in common

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    VGGR10P Stick display in transparent polycarbonate
    Pan display for ice cream, popsicle sticks, ice lolly and articles of gelato and pastry. Capacity to contain 28 ice cream sticks. Transparent polycarbonate. The tray is formed by 6 removable dividers for washing. Made in Italy. dim. 360x250x55h mm
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